I sat down and scrapped my weekend learnings tonight (a welcome relief from the study!).

On Saturday I had a bit of a panic attack about how much study I had to do before the BIG exam – but managed to talk myself out of that panic. I realised I need to just believe in myself a bit more. I DO know my stuff, all I can do is continue the steady studying that I am doing, and trust that on exam day I will be able to bring it out. My journalling on this layout fits with Shimelle’s prompt 4 which talks about being vague or being detailed – I decided to not get bogged down in the “what I am studying and why” part of the story, and keep it vague and more about the emotions.

Journalling reads: September 4th. Today I learnt that I need to believe in myself. I know my stuff. Take a breath. Don’t panic. It will be fine.

Sunday was a beautiful spring day, and made me realise that Spring really is finally here. Maybe it doesn’t show itself every day, but we are having some lovely weather and it’s nice to get out and enjoy it when we can. I will print my photo out later this week – but here is the layout.

Journalling reads: 5th Sept. Today was a lovely crisp, fresh and sunny spring day. I did learn that even if the sun is out, you still need to rug up! We enjoyed a smoothie down at Petone Beach and the sun on our backs.

I think my strategy for this week will be to make sure I write my notes down, and then I can hopefully scrap them all on Friday night (let’s face it, no study is going to get done on a Friday night, so this can be my relaxing reward).

Hope you all had happy weekends, back to the grind tomorrow!