Last night I was too tired (and ok, If I am being honest, a bit hungover) to study – so I pulled out the stash intending just to sort through it and get the materials ready for when I did have the time to start on my Learn Something New pages. Before I knew it, there was glue and paper and letter stickers everywhere – and I had finished my title page, day 1, 2, and 3. Up to date, just like that!

I present to you, my first three learnings:

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I AM a good cook. I made a great honey soy chicken in the slowcooker. Yummy and a success! Jase always loves, appreciates and compliments my cooking. I am getting better and enjoying it the more I do. SEPT 01.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that it is ALL about mind over matter. I nearly talked myself out of a gym visit but sucked it up to go for a run on the treadmill! I rewarded myself by listening to my favourite cool down song PROUD. September 02.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I am definitely a homebody. On a Friday – I can’t wait to get home! I love relaxing and making my home environment peaceful and inviting – especially my bedroom haven. I love snuggly linen!

So there we go – more soon!