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This morning I was eager to see what new challenges had been posted by Shimelle. I had a bit less time today, so only got to finish four LO’s.

Continuing on from yesterday…

Challenge number six was to add journalling around a design. I am not a big journaller (something I want to change!) so this was a bit tricky, but eventually I found some words to add to my Putangirua Pinnacles LO. Here is the result:


The next challenge involved using squares in a LO. I found an awesome hot pink and lime green checked sheet of paper in my stash, and I had recently bought some square brads in a sale. This page came together really easily and I was really happy with the result:

Having already done a DP LO with pink, and then using pink on my square LO…when I saw the next challenge was to use pink I couldn’t help but wonder if I could use MORE pink! But that’s what a challenge is for right? In the end I chose this hot hot pink cardstock that I bought because I loved it – but it didn’t seem to go with much! I knew the LO needed to be simple for such a powerful colour – here is the result:

The final challenge I managed to fit in today was to use another sketch – and I really enjoyed this one! I scrapped a day that Jase and I went swimming in the ice cold river at Kaitoke – here is my LO:

Tomorrow I am back at work, so not sure how many more LO’s I will get completed before the time limit ends. However I plan to still finish all the challenges in the next week – purely because I love cranking through my stash and finally getting some scrapping done!

I have to apologise for the colour in my photos – as I have been scrapping at night, I have been taking photos of my LO’s on my kitchen bench under the lights, and it has made all of my pics a little yellowy!

Hope you all have enjoyed the crop – I sure have!



So over at Shimelle, there is a summer online crop going on – full of hourly scrap and photo challenges. Because it’s winter and raining here, and I am having a girly weekend, I spread out my stash and got into it this morning. (Those guys in the Northern Hemi have been scrapping while I have been sleeping, so I am playing catch up!).

In this post I am going to add my layouts from the scrap challenges, and I will post another for the photo challenges.

This is what my lounge looked like when I started…you don’t even wanna know what kind of state it’s in now!

Challenge number one was to scrap a page using red, aqua and white. It was a bit hard to get into the creative swing of things, but once I got going, I was away. Here is the layout I created – “you can’t beat Wellington on a good day”:

The second challenge, which I found much harder, was to scrapbook using a sketch provided. I’m not much of a person for a sketch, I tend to freestyle it depending on what embellishments I want to include, or how I feel the photos work best. So even though I had the perfect picture to use – the simplicity of this sketch was tough! Here is my layout, it’s of a fluke photo we captured (yay autotimer) when we visited a remote beach village of Koitiata. I love how the sunset is bursting out of our clasped hands.

The third challenge involves printing out an alphabet – so will have to wait until I get access to a printer at work on Monday.

The fourth challenge was to scrap with circles. My first reaction was “oh guts, I don’t have anything with circles on it” – but then I started sorting through my stash of papers. Ha! Turns out I had more than 10 sheets with dots or circles on them! Amazing what you find. I decided to do a double page (I was really getting into it now, someone hold me back!) about a concert that Jase and I went to last summer. The best thing? Being able to FINALLY use these awesome Creative Imaginations Rock Star stickers – which Jase gave me for my birthday a whopping TWO years ago. Yay! Stash busting at its best.

Challenge number five was to scrapbook with a black and white photo. I didn’t want to leave the house to print off a new black & white shot, so I scrounged around and found this pic from our walk to Red Rocks. It’s black and white, but the rocks are red – it was the closest I had!

The final challenge for day one was to scrap a page with more than four patterned papers. Well – I felt like this challenge threw me into real chaos! However I think I finally managed to pop a variety of patterns together in a way that doesn’t clash…well, nottoo bad I hope?! The story behind ‘Breaking the Rules’ is my mum’s joke – she always told me that I was to “never come home with a tattoo, never come home pregnant, and to never come home on the back of a motorbike”. Strangely enough, I listened…until last June when I hopped on the back of Jase’s dirtbike and took a ride down Waitarere Beach! I think at this age mum might just let me off?!

Ok, that’s it for tonight. I have a mighty sore back from sitting on the floor all afternoon – and somehow its 11.25pm! Bed time, and more layouts to come tomorrow hopefully!


Back in May I took a photography course at the Wellington Community Education Centre to learn how to use the manual functions on my Canon Eos 1000D. Totally worth doing, and hopefully the things I learnt will only improve my photography the more I play around with my camera.

One saturday all my classmates met down at the Wellington waterfront where we had a bunch of photos to take for an assignment. This was my favourite shot of the day:

I shot this looking down between some chains under the wharf. I love how the light managed to catch the fish swimming around down there, and the barnacles attached to the wharf poles. Needless to say, this was a bit of a fluke shot!

Today is Friday the 13th. Spooky…

I am so looking forward to this weekend! Jase has mates in town, so he will be busy and out in about – which means a weekend all to myself. I have loads of little things that I can’t wait to spend some time on:

1) Friday night TV. I have to say, it’s the best girls night in! First up its Shortland Street (Yes, after 15+ years of this homegrown medical soap opera, it is still a nightly addiction!); then over on TV3 it’s New Zealands Next Top Model (second series); and finally The Bachelor has just started again!

2) Collating my recipes. Over the last year I have started to really enjoy cooking (don’t get me wrong, nothing gourmet is coming out of my kitchen just yet, but at least I am no longer burning salads or blowing up microwaves – which has been known to happen!). Maybe it has something to do with cooking for two instead of one? And seeing how much enjoyment Jase get’s when I cook something yum. Mum always did say “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I bought a Kaisercraft Recipe Holder, and spent last weekend scrapping the covers. It was my first ever beyond the page project – and I have to say, literally, a little rough around the edges. I probably didn’t have the right adhesive tools, but I think I had a decent crack at it!

So this weekend, I am looking forward to filling it with my favourite recipes (which are currently scattered all around the kitchen!).

3. Joining in with an online crop. Even though I will be a bit behind (well, actually, in the future) by being on the otherside of the world and in a differnt time zone, I can still scrap away while the rest of the world is sleeping through this online crop that Shimelle is hosting.

4. Exercising. On Saturday I plan to do my usual 3k route around the water to the wind needle (correct name – Zephyrometer) and back – but extend it a bit more. We have this awesome route near my house which winds its way around the bay and is dotted with wind sculptures. I am increasing my running distance one wind sculpture at a time! This weekend I plan to make it to the spinning boxes*! I bought a Nike+ Ipod set off trademe this week, so can’t wait to get that and try it out – inspiration from Cathy Z for sure. Sunday morning I will be at my Les Mills Body Pump class as per usual! (See if I write it down here, it means I have to do it haha).

(*Not their real name, apparently called the Urban Forest – I just learnt that today!)

Those are the big things on my list. Of course there are plenty more like making cupcakes with the cute cupcake set I was given by Jase’s sister for my birthday, sorting out my photos and getting a bunch more printed for my next album, blogging, drinking Shott Lemon Honey & Ginger (the best ever!), and possibly going for a bit of a scrapbook shop with the $50 voucher Jase’s mum gave me 🙂

What are you up to this weekend?


One of the small problems of being located in Wellington is the lack of good scrapbooking shops. In Auckland I was lucky enough to have the NZ Scrapbook Company on the north shore, and could zip over there anytime. Since living in Welli I have discovered a few art shops which include some scrapbooking supplies, and ONE store dedicated to scrapbooking – Scrapbook Central in Petone.

I have taken to looking for specialty items online – and have managed to score some real gems from TradeMe (our NZ version of E-bay). Today one of my favourite sellers listed these cute as JB Banners – and I want want want! How am I going to be able to wait until Tuesday when the auction closes?!

I can just picture that sweet bunting running across the top of my pages…how gorgeous are these 1950’s ones? They remind me of the Janet and John books I used to read when visiting my Grandma’s house.

 And those photography banners – ahhh, I long to have these in my stash!

Maybe I have a bit of a scrapshopping addiction going on? A little less shopping, a bit more scrapping might be in order!

What items are you wanting to add to your stash?


I have been coveting some of Dear Colleen’s items for a while now, but wanted to share my absolute favourite print below. Maybe if I drop enough hints it might magically end up in my home? …hint…hint…hint…

Oh you silly Wellingtonians! Who went and put detergent in the Te Aro Park water feature?!

While on our travels, Jase and I have seen a few birds. And simply because some of them were kinda cute, we took the time to learn their names. You know, birds like oyster catchers and california quails.

Today we took our minor birdwatching hobby to new heights, by venturing to Staglands. Located 17km into the Akatarawa Valley (Upper Hutt, Wellington), the road out there wasn’t fun (windy & narrow), but boy was it worth it.

Staglands is a wildlife reserve  where you are free to wander amongst birds and animals and feed and interact with them. Before we knew it we were getting friendly with peacocks, geese, Kaka’s, Kunekune pigs, rabbits, budgies, parrots, and even some friendly donkeys, goats and Bob the Clydesdale.  

We took great pleasure at spotting various birds and figuring out what they were – maybe we really are amateur ornitholigists in the making?

Yo. What you lookin at?

The best part for Jase: Getting so close to the animals – including one cheeky Pukeko who tried to chew his shoe. And wouldn’t stop.

The best part for me: Catching a peacock shaking his tail feathers…and then realising we might have been “interrupting something”. Oops. Sorry mate.

Here are some of the other animals we came across.

Kunekune pig - a face only a mother could love!

Meeting the Donkey

Feeding the Goats

Mr Merino

Clydesdale Bob

Jase & I

Akatarawa Valley
Upper Hutt

Yes. That’s right. I have FINISHED an album.

When I say that, I mean that I have completed all the layouts I wanted to do for that album, I have done a title page (for want of a better word) and even scrapped a wee insert for the photo pocket on the album cover.

This is the first time I have finished an album. All the rest of my albums are sitting on my shelves, waiting the final touches, embellishments or a spark of creativity to hit me. My 21st album? 99% done…but still not finished. My baby album? Probably 90% there but there are still a few more pages I want to include…but haven’t quite got around to it.

So, to celebrate my completed album, which was our 08/09 New Years Northland trip  – I thought I would share some of my favourite pages:

I even scrapped a piece to include in the album cover.

Enjoying a trumpet (the quintessential kiwi ice cream) at Cable Bay.

I love this page. I created the tree tops by cutting fabric flowers in half and securing them with different green brads. So simple yet effective.

Hehe – the best thing about my Kai Iwi Lakes page was that I was able to hide the top of a beer bottle that Jase was holding under that red brad. Before that I thought the photo was a little less than perfect – thanks to Jase’s ever present Tui bottle!

These Pebbles Inc twist ties are so cute!

Finally – a real ‘title page’. I don’t like calling it that, but it’s the only thing I can come up with. Does anyone have another name for the first page in their albums?

Happy scrapping!


Is it wrong that I have already bought some Martha Stewart Crafts stickers to use on a Rarotonga holiday layout…even though our trip to Raro isn’t until April next year???

But with stickers THIS cute, how could I resist?!

Martha Stewart Crafts – Tropical Drink & Snorkling Stickers

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