One of the most fun concert’s I have ever been to was the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (WIUO) at the Martinborough town hall. So when I heard they were doing their “Tour of Wellington” I knew I had to get tickets!

Some people might think “Ukulele’s?!” – Jase certainly did when I handed him the tickets to the Martinborough concert (I arranged a whole surprise weekend around the concert as I knew he wouldn’t agree to go if I told him the REAL reason…). You should have seen his face when the curtains opened and 10 people were sitting on stage holding ukulele’s…but that’s another story.

Seriously, this band is awesome. They play classic kiwi and international hits (have you ever heard Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River on a ukulele?!) which you end up tapping your toes, clapping, and singing along to. They are true performers, engaging their audiences in witty banter and all sorts of stage antics throughout their shows!

I went to their show at Expressions in Upper Hutt on Friday and came out with a sore jaw – I had been smiling for the whole two hours. Check out their rendition of Train’s Soul Sister that I loaded on youtube. What else can you say? Amazing!