Last week Jase & I got up and decided to take ourselves on a bit of a tour of Welli, checking out some of the cool things our awesome city has to offer.

1. First stop: The City Markets. This is an awesome boutique market held inside at Chaffers Dock on Sunday mornings. We wandered around tasting chutneys, buying more Shott syrups, and salivating over cheeses and chocolates.

How cute are those glass cannisters with boiled sweets in? Yum.

2. We took a walk through the Harbourside Market (how lucky are we with so many markets?!). Full of fresh fruit & veges – we are definitely heading back for a slice of pizza or burger one Sunday morning!

3. Wandered along the waterfront past all the bars and restaurants, before deciding to have a quick lunch at Wagamama’s. YUM. I had the Cha Han (with chicken and prawns) and Jase had Yaki Udon.

As you can see – I got to sit and observe the good view of the harbour behind Jase!

4. Continued through town to the Beehive, where we took a Parliament Tour. This was really interesting (I wasn’t allowed my camera though) and we both learnt heaps about the NZ government and the buildings. We figured that when we go overseas we will end up visiting plenty of other countries governmental buildings – so we may as well see our own first!

Tired bunnies, we headed home having enjoyed a great Wellington day out!