A few weeks ago after reading Cathy Z’s inspirational blog, I was encouraged to purchase a Nike+ ipod kit to ramp up my attempts at running. I got one off trademe, and today I took it for a test run.

I don’t have the special Nike shoes, or even a pouch to pop the sensor in, so I shoved the sensor on top of my sock and laced up my shoes. You then plug a little receiver into your ipod, select your goal (I chose 20 minutes), pick some tunes, and away you go.

So the actual running part wasn’t amazing, I’m not gonna lie. I have always said I hate running and that my body isn’t made for it – but I am trying to get over that and just MOVE that same body more.

I picked up the book No Need For Speed yesterday (another Cathy Z recommendation) and a few chapters in I found myself giggling – apparently it is fine to start your running journey by “wogging” – a combination of waddling and jogging. Suits me to a tee!

Five minutes in to my “wogging” on the treadmill, a voice told me I was 5 minutes in. I was quite encouraged by this and thought – yeah, I can get to 10 minutes easy. And I did. And the voice told me “you are half way” – which was kinda cool. That meant I was on the downward slope. Then the exciting stuff happened. At 15 minutes the voice (female by the way 😉 ) told me I had 5 minutes to go, and then she chimed in at 4 minutes, and then 3 minutes, and then 2 minutes, and then GOAL COMPLETED. I walked for a minute to cool down and felt pretty proud of myself for sticking it out that long (normally on a treadmill I last about 10 minutes and that’s me done!).

My Nike+ told me how far I had run, how many calories I had burnt, how long I had been running. When I got back to my computer and plugged in my ipod the Nike+ generated this little graph.

I keep looking at it and feeling awesome. And it makes me want to do it all over again.

And THAT can only be a good thing.

Nike+ rocks my world 🙂

p.s. My powersong? Push It by Glee. Hehe!