Today is Friday the 13th. Spooky…

I am so looking forward to this weekend! Jase has mates in town, so he will be busy and out in about – which means a weekend all to myself. I have loads of little things that I can’t wait to spend some time on:

1) Friday night TV. I have to say, it’s the best girls night in! First up its Shortland Street (Yes, after 15+ years of this homegrown medical soap opera, it is still a nightly addiction!); then over on TV3 it’s New Zealands Next Top Model (second series); and finally The Bachelor has just started again!

2) Collating my recipes. Over the last year I have started to really enjoy cooking (don’t get me wrong, nothing gourmet is coming out of my kitchen just yet, but at least I am no longer burning salads or blowing up microwaves – which has been known to happen!). Maybe it has something to do with cooking for two instead of one? And seeing how much enjoyment Jase get’s when I cook something yum. Mum always did say “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I bought a Kaisercraft Recipe Holder, and spent last weekend scrapping the covers. It was my first ever beyond the page project – and I have to say, literally, a little rough around the edges. I probably didn’t have the right adhesive tools, but I think I had a decent crack at it!

So this weekend, I am looking forward to filling it with my favourite recipes (which are currently scattered all around the kitchen!).

3. Joining in with an online crop. Even though I will be a bit behind (well, actually, in the future) by being on the otherside of the world and in a differnt time zone, I can still scrap away while the rest of the world is sleeping through this online crop that Shimelle is hosting.

4. Exercising. On Saturday I plan to do my usual 3k route around the water to the wind needle (correct name – Zephyrometer) and back – but extend it a bit more. We have this awesome route near my house which winds its way around the bay and is dotted with wind sculptures. I am increasing my running distance one wind sculpture at a time! This weekend I plan to make it to the spinning boxes*! I bought a Nike+ Ipod set off trademe this week, so can’t wait to get that and try it out – inspiration from Cathy Z for sure. Sunday morning I will be at my Les Mills Body Pump class as per usual! (See if I write it down here, it means I have to do it haha).

(*Not their real name, apparently called the Urban Forest – I just learnt that today!)

Those are the big things on my list. Of course there are plenty more like making cupcakes with the cute cupcake set I was given by Jase’s sister for my birthday, sorting out my photos and getting a bunch more printed for my next album, blogging, drinking Shott Lemon Honey & Ginger (the best ever!), and possibly going for a bit of a scrapbook shop with the $50 voucher Jase’s mum gave me 🙂

What are you up to this weekend?